5 Advantages of Roof Coating

Roofs make up more than half of our homes. They bear all the natural extremities and protect us from it all. With seasonal changes and events like thunderstorms, rainfall, and hailstorms, our roofs are bound to get damaged.

Proper roof maintenance is crucial to ensure its durability and to help it survive harsh weather conditions.  Roof coating is one such method that can provide an extra layer of protection to our roofs.

It also helps keep the house cool and can save energy costs.

Read on to learn more about some benefits of roof coating.

Advantage # 1: Reduces Energy Use

Roof coating reflects sunlight and can reduce the temperature inside the house or building and make it pleasant for the people inside.

It can help save energy and reduce the hefty energy bills as it decreases the need to use air conditioning. It also improves the temperature in places without air conditioning, such as covered patios and garages.

Advantage # 2: Extends Roof Life

With changes in season, we focus on protecting ourselves and our valuables. However, we often forget about maintaining and protecting the roofs that are most exposed to the environment.

This negligence in maintaining and roof coating decreases the durability of the roof. A roof coating can add to the roof's life as it slows the effect of sun and UV rays on the roof.

Advantage # 3: It's Cost-Effective

Regularly maintaining roofs and coating them can save you money in the long run. Roof coating is cheaper than other roof services.

Wear and tear of roofs can create the need for roof replacement which is a much higher expense compared to a roof coating. It helps you save the high installation fee of a new roof and is easy to install therefore incurring lower labor costs. On average, it costs about 8000 US dollars to replace a roof.

This process also doesn't require much construction, which further decreases labor costs and also saves landfill fees.

Advantage # 4: It’s Environmentally Friendly

Since roof coating can be done on existing roofs and doesn’t require construction and discarding of old material, it saves up landfill space. This decreases unnecessary waste and prevents landfills from overflowing, which is beneficial for the environment.

The energy-saving characteristic of roof coatings also contributes to a better environment.

Advantage # 5: It’s A Sustainable Option

The roof coating process is sustainable and renewable. Roofs can be re-coated every ten years to increase their durability.  If you feel that the coating on your roof is deteriorating, you can renew it with a fresh layer of coating.

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