6 Benefits of a Cool Roof Installation

Cool roof is a roof that you install over your existing one to reduce the temperature of the roof, thereby reducing the indoor temperature of your house.

They come with different types of coating, which include acrylic, silicon, or urethane. You can discuss the best roofing material with your roofing contractor, but first, let's talk about the benefits of installing a cool roof:

1.     Savings On Energy Bills

Electricity bills are one of the biggest monthly costs for households in the US, and electronics such as air-conditioners can increase them exponentially. Sometimes, you just have to crank up the AC in hot cities like LA.

With a cool roof, the attic and the house's air-ducts remain cooler; as a result, the HVAC doesn’t work twice as hard to cool down the indoor temperature, and you ultimately end up saving money on utility bills.

2.     Makes the Indoors More Comfortable

With COVID-19 still raging on, more people have to stay indoors. With a house full of people, you may need to regulate AC use or reduce its usage altogether.

With your cool roof taking care of the temperature, everyone can be more calm and relaxed because they'll have one less thing to fight about.

3.     Extends the Roof’s Life

A roof replacement doesn't come cheap, and replacing it every few years can be a significant financial burden. A cool roof helps delay roof replacement by deflecting the heat. The main dark roof isn't absorbing the heat anymore, so its life will be extended.

4.     Fewer Power Outages

The more everyone consumes electricity, the more likely power cuts will occur.

By using less electricity, you are contributing less to the peak demand, thus playing your part in ensuring that there is better availability of electricity.

5.     It’s Better For the Environment

Air-conditioners are one of the biggest causes of carbon emissions, so you're directly contributing to global warming every time you use one. However, with a cool roof, your AC usage will decline, and so will your carbon footprint.

6.     Easy Installation

The cool roof is installed over your existing roof, so all the noise and debris that you might associate with a typical roof replacement doesn’t apply here.

It also makes the top part of your roof easier to replace, and you can do so without damaging the entire structure.

Get Your Cool Roof Installed Today

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