3 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Time to Get Your Roof Replaced

According to a study on weathering of roofing materials, your roofing materials tend to degrade over the years, even without substantial damage due to the weather elements causing leaks. Hence, it's wise to have your roof inspected and repaired every so often. But what is the best time to do so?

We recommend fall, the season of falling leaves and pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice latte, and obviously roof replacements.

Perfect weather conditions

When it comes to roof damages, fall is the ideal time for inspection and repair. Spring weather though pleasant can be unpredictable. You start repairs today; it might rain tomorrow. Summer and winter are either too hot or too cold to carry out any repairs unless it's urgent, and can't wait for a season change.

It's best to have them repaired when the weather is calmer, and professionals can do the work adequately with long-lasting results. You don't want shoddy artistry to cost you hefty and expensive repairs every year. Heavy snowfall or rains during winter will only increase the number of damages to your property, leading to heftier repair costs. Fall is drier weather and gives you ample time to assess the damage and call for inspection or repair if you cannot do it yourself.

Sealant has time to set

Replacing your roof rely heavily on the mercy of drier climates. You don't just need time to inspect and repair thoroughly; you also need time for the repairs to set in and be able to test it before winter storms are on your head.

Having the work done in the fall gives the sealant enough time to bond the shingles to the roof properly. Waiting for winter will lead to moisture seeping into the cracks, causing leaky roofs, a poorly insulated house, and high heating costs. Fall is the best time to start working on roof replacements. However, if you're in the dead of winter and have a damaged roof, you shouldn't wait till next fall to get to work.

Low energy bills

According to an article on roofing methods and heat reduction, roofs play an essential role in improving your home's energy-efficiency. They absorb solar radiation during summer and keep the heat in during winter, making the temperatures of your home comfortable all year round.

Keeping your roof repairs up to date will reduce the need and use of your HVAC systems. And since the weather during fall isn't too hot or too cold, having roof repairs will not require you to run your HVAC systems. And when winter comes around, your new roof will be able to insulate your home's temperatures, keeping it cozy all winter long. Replacing your roof might be an expensive home maintenance task, but with all the low energy bills, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

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